0 to 100mph in 3.5 Seconds on the water!


Tabara Racing Racing is a high performing, energetic, motivated traveling powerboat race team that is based in Minnesota! The members of the team are made up of family and friends with a common goal to compete at the sport’s highest level, while promoting sponsors and the sport of powerboat racing.

Tabara Racing was founded in the early 1980’s by Mark Tabara. Mark participated as a driver as well as an organization volunteer within the powerboat racing community. His sons, Steve and Brian have now taken over the family powerboat racing team. Mark enjoys serving as a crew member for Steve, Brian and Jessica and takes pride in their accomplishments on and off the race course. Boat15_Jess

Tabara Racing has won multiple APBA National and National High Point championships along with many TCPBA Powerboat Racing championships. The team features three drivers in three classes where boats range in speed from Jessica’s F3 boat (85mph!) up to Brian and Steve’s F1 style boat that reaches 135 mph!

Tabara Racing plans to attend the TCPBA Powerboat Racing and Powerboat Nationals racing series. The team does plan to attend other racing series as schedules allow.

Tabara Racing is also a proud member of TCPBA Supports, a program setup for the powerboat racing community to raise capital, awareness, and participate in charitable events.


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Upcoming Events



TCPBA Race Schedule

Rock the Dam
Cannon Falls MN

Quake the Lake
Detroit Lakes MN

Father Hennepin Days
Champlin MN
6/14 Sunday Only

Serpent Lake Power Boat Races
Crosby MN

Crane Lake Power Boat Races
Crane Lake MN

Ron Baker Sr. Regatta
Forest Lake MN

Superior Power Boat Championship
Superior WI